ZGFA-1600 basic honeycomb core machine

ZGFA-1600 basic honeycomb core machine


Model ZGFA-1600 basic
Max paper roll width 1600mm
Cell side length 4.5-20mm
Cutting Direction Horizontal cut
Cutting tolerance +-0.3mm
Cutting Speed 420 cuts/minute
Thickness of honeycomb core 10-80mm
Configuration a. 3 sets of paper Roll stands


b. Glue station 1&2


c. Heating unit


d. Rubber roller pulling system


e. Third gluing station


f. Cutter& Delivery


g. core conveyor

Gluing principle Gluing roller transmission coating
Installation power 40KW
Manpower 1-2
Applicable paper Corrugated paper for honeycomb core(100-180g/m2)
Heating mode Electric heating
Dimension 25000*3800*2500
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