Cascading Honeycomb Paper Core Making Machine

Cascading Honeycomb Paper Core Making Machine


Product Description

This machine belongs to the semi-automatic honeycomb paper core production line. It stacked the glued paper layer by layer to get the paper block.
After slice the paper block by guillotine machine, we can the paper honeycomb core slice.


Component & Quantity:1 set electric Shaftless Paper Roll,

1 set Glue Smearing Device with three rolls of 4,6,8,10,12,14mm,and so on mm(two sizes

is free, more sizes usd 1000/size)

1 set Pressing and Conveyor Machine

1 set Fixed Length Rolling Cutting Machine

1 set Conveyor

1 set Glue Smearing Device

1 set Paper Core Laminating Machine

1 set Pressing Machine

1 set Automatic Honeycomb Paper Core Connecting & Drying Machine

1 set PLC Control System

Main Parameters: OutlineDimensioon:16m(length)x2.3m(width)x2.0m(height)

Total Power Supply:27KW

Actual Production Power Consumption:15KW

Laminating Speed :0-30m/min

Paper Core Width:1600mm

Gluing Way:Vertical Gluing

Capacity: 3-4 tons/8hrs

Size of Honeycomb Core Cell Available:4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20mm according

what size you choose.

Suitable Glue: Starch Glue or Emulsion Glue



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