The 2022newest Automatic honeycomb machine

The 2022newest Automatic honeycomb machine



make honeycomb core continuously,
550 cuts/min.
honeycomb height:8-100mm

Machine Automatic honeycomb core production line
Model QZD-2000 Deluxe type QZD-2000 Economic type
Effective width of core paper 2000mm
Configuration 3 Sets of paper Roll stands

Glue applicator

Heating unit

Cutter& Delivery

Core conveyer

Width of input paper 2000mm

Width of paper core(expanded) 1600

Gluing principle Gluing roller transfer coating
Max. Designing Cutting Speed 500 cuts/minute
Production Capacity 6000m2/shift(after expanded,13.5mm cell size,340cuts/minute, 7 hours non-stop working)
Qty of Paper Coil 6 coils
Thickness of honeycomb core 8-100mm
Cell side length 6-20 mm (choose two)
Electric power 30KW
Cutting Direction Horizontal cut
Dimension 24000*3800*2500
Applicable paper Corrugated paper for honeycomb core(120-180g/m2)
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