Low Cost Honeycomb Core Machine

Low Cost Honeycomb Core Machine

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Low Cost Honeycomb Core Machine

Low Cost Honeycomb Core Machine


Yalian Honeycomb Machinery Factory, supply full automatic honeycomb core machine. from width 1600-2500mm. The whole production needs 1-2 persons while operating. make the honeycomb core from 6-100mm thickness and production capacity  varies from 3-12 tons/ shift.  the honeycomb core produced by this machine can be used for honeycomb board laminating,  door filling, furnitures, display shred etc.


1. High Speed Cutting, max. 800 cuts/min. 
2. Quick glue roller change system, 30s to change all gluing rollers
3. Automatic glue feeding system, no need to watch the glue feeding all the time.
4. Min. 6mm thickness of honeycomb make, to replace the corrugating board.

2.Technical Data

order number project 1600-2500mm
1 Maximum width of paper core 1600-2500mm
2 Paper core cutting accuracy ±0.15mm
3 Paper core shear thickness 6-80mm
4 Honeycomb side length 2-4 groups cell size
5 Applicable paper 100-180 gsm highly intensified corrugated paper
6 Select glue starch glue
7 Maximum width of paper core (unstretched) 1600-2500mm
8 Power Comsuption 60-80KW
9 Power supply Power supply  3Ph, 380V, Or Customize
10 Heating ways Electrical heating
11 Air compressor Air compressor  ≥7.5KW, gas output: 0.8³/min

3、Supplying list

Order number Name  






Honeycomb core machine (6-8Rolls)
   1   paper  feeder








1.Maximum size of base paper (wide X diameter):2000mm X 1400mm

2. Maximum bearing 2.5T/ roll paper

3. Applicable core inner diameter 76mm

4. Pneumatic brake device adjusts paper tension

5. It can be realized that two rolls of paper can work at the same time.

6. Size: 4X 1.9 X 2.5M

7. Power: 4KW*3-4pcs

2 Gluing Machine  





1 sets

(2 units)

1.Equipped with 2 sets of different honeycomb aperture coating mechanism, the base paper and the top roll can be taken off automatically during downtime

2.Honeycomb aperture conversion through cylinder conversion, rapid and convenient, at the same time, cots cleaning is convenient, the top rollers do not affect each other

3.Rubber quantity is regulated by eccentric wheel

4. Coated cots, impregnated cots, surface hard chromium finish grinding processing.

5. Each rubber roll is provided with a lateral adjusting device for adjusting the aperture of the bee hole

6. Single variable frequency speed regulation

7. Rubber pot made of stainless steel

8. Installed power: 3KW




Core Laminating & Drying Machine



1 sets

1.Pneumatic pressing, conveying pressure roller selected seamless pipe grinding, surface hard chromium plating treatment

2. Upper and lower double layer heat insulation of oven

3. Heating mode is infrared heating up and down

4. Temperature range can be set to adjust 0-150 ℃

5. Drying power: 25 KW

6. Bonding, drying paper core door width: ≤ 2000mm

  4 Surface paper gluing machine  

1 sets

Same as 2 Same as 2





High Speed Horizontal   cutting Machine





1 sets

1.  Transverse effective width ≤2000mm, cutting knife with horizontal action

2. Guide rail adopts Taiwan silver brand linear guide.

3. With two kinds of pressure rollers, it is convenient to use the cylinder to change and adjust.

4. Siemens motor 7.5 KW is used in traction cutting, and the feeding and cutting speed ratio is stable.

5. Equipped with dual display 2L automatic refueling system, each joint of the equipment for timing and quantitative refueling

6.  Cutting speed:≤  800times/min





Belt Conveyor 



1 sets

1. Use butadiene rubber belt transport, paper core transport stable, transport speed adjustable

2. PLC frequency conversion regulation, transmission speed and the whole line synchronization

3. Power: 0.75kW

honeycomb core machine(Belt Conveyor)

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