ZDFB-2000/1600 Honeycomb core& paperboard Production line(vertical cutting)

ZDFB-2000/1600 Honeycomb core& paperboard Production line(vertical cutting)



Paper loading in multi rollers-gluing-laminating-drying -cross cut-auto gathering and transmission- core expanding -drying-core and surface paper gluing-core and surface paper laminating-drying-cold pressing-cut off-collecting

B.Main Technical Parameter

No. Item ZDFB-2000/1600  
(1) Honeycomb paperboard thickness 10-100mm
(2) Qty of paper rolls for honeycomb 6
(3) Max. cutting speed of honeycomb core machine 350 Cuts/min.
(4) Normal cutting speed 250-300 cuts/min.
(5) Max. width of honeycomb core 2000mm
(6) Maximum width of paperboard 1600mm
(7) Qty of paper rolls for lamination 4
(8) Cardboard cutting precision +-1.5mm
(9) Length of honeycomb paperboard(after cutting) >=500mm
(10) Cell size of honeycomb 4.5-20mm(choose two)
(11) Applicable paper 180-420gms cardboard paper or Kraft paper
(12) Layer of face paper 2
(13) Maximum designing speed for board line 20m/min
(14) Normal production speed 6-12m/min.(According to the paper dry degree、Glue quality、paper core thickness、Local humidity and other factors to change )
(15) Heating drying method electrical heating
(16) Total motor power 50KW
(17) Electricheating power 150KW
(18) Installation power 200kw
(19) Man power 4
(20) Layout 65000X4000X2900mm

C.Main picture description of equipment:

D.The machine production video

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